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  • Nathaniel G. Chapman: Beer and Racism: How Beer Became White, Why It Matters, and the Movements to Change it
  • Dr. Robin DiAngelo: White Fragility
  • Dr. Ibram X. Kendi: How to be an Antiracist
  • Ijeoma Oluo: So You Want to Talk About Race
  • Reni Eddo-Loge: Why I No Longer Talk to White People About Race
  • Michelle Silverthorn: Authentic Diversity
  • Mahzarin R. Banaji & Anthony G. Greenwald: Blindspot
  • Claude M. Steele: Whistling Vivaldi



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WBG DEIA Committee Members

Douglas Bailey, Columbia Distribution

Ingrid Bartels, Georgetown Brewing

Nick Berger, The Good Society Brewery and Public House

Pamela Brulotte, Icicle Brewing

Venus Forteza, Maize and Barley (Co-chair)

Raymond Kwan, Lucky Envelope (Co-chair)

Tom Schmidlin, Postdoc Brewing

Robyn Schumacher, Stoup Brewing

Kevin Watson, Future Primitive Brewing

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