Skagit Valley Malting

Erik Youngren, VP of Sales
(360) 982-1262
11966 Westar LN
Burlington, WA, 98233
We are a Craft Malthouse that utilizes our Single Vessel Malting process. It brings purpose-built innovation to malting: improving on conventional standards in versatility, batch uniformity, precision and accuracy, handling, scalability and overall resource efficiency.

Grains from Skagit Valley Malting undergo steeping, germinating and kilning in a single state-of-the-art vessel with controlled rotation at adjustable speeds. This, combined with our advanced process-monitoring system, allows us to malt a remarkable range of barleys and other grains or seeds, and to target outcomes across a spectrum of technical parameters, such as color, diastatic power and soluble/total protein ratio.

Best of all, because we can dial it in so precisely, we can do so again and again. The repeatability and scalability of your favorite malt “recipe” is something we pride ourselves on. As your business grows, we’re there to grow right alongside you, wherever your unique vision wants to go.

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