WBG Allied Members COVID-19 Programs, Services and Initiatives for WA Brewers:

Please check back often, as resources will be added frequently.

Accounting Services:

Artino Business Advisors is actively working with businesses and employees on all aspects of COVID-19 including cash, tax, operations and strategic planning in this uncertain economic environment. For more info contact Stephanie Artino stephanie@artinoadvisors.com

Baker Tilly – Coronavirus Preparedness Resource Center  COVID-19 related information and the financial impacts – how it affects taxes, government relief packages, supply chain issues, and how it affects manufacturers. Daily updates, industry specific insights and the latest out of Washington and what that means to your business like the latest emergency funding programs available and webinar materials on latest developments. Video from Baker Tilly CEO. For more info contact Trula Hensler Trula.hensler@bakertilly.com

1/13/2021 – WBG hosted a PPP loan Q&A with Baker Tilly. During the session, Baker Tilly share information about their loan application portal. Most breweries submitting applications through the Baker Tilly portal would not be subject to any fees. For more information, visit this link.

CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA)Covid-19 Resource Center Check out our special CLA Intuition 2.0 offering.  You can use CLA Intuition to help model the impact that this downturn, the injection of SBA financial aid, and the eventual return to the new normal will have on your cash flow. For more info contact Marcus Bowman marcus.bowman@claconnect.com

Banking, Financing & Capital:

Arryved online ordering and mobile app to support COVID-19 friendly business models Both features are available at no cost (aside from credit card processing fees). Here are a couple articles with further explanation about our new touch-free products: Brewbound, Craft Brewing Business. For more information contact alex@arryved.com

Branding / Printing / Industry Promotion:

Blindtiger Design created free generic peel & stick crowler label templates to support breweries that are having to package a tank unexpectedly.  They are easy to customize with a Logo, beer name, style, ABV, and include a government warning. They are formatted for standard Avery labels which can be printed in house. Templates & instructions can be downloaded for free on our website: https://blindtigerdesign.com/label-templates/ For more information contact Nic Damon at nic@blindtigerdesign.com

Blue Label Packaging: We are extremely empathetic to the multitude of challenges breweries are facing due to COVID-19.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to our business development team with any needs or concerns. For more information contact Katie Harrington at katie@bluelabelpackaging.com

Boelter:  2020 Gang Run Coaster Program is a great way for breweries to team up and get value in their coaster orders. They can all have their own art, as long as they choose the same size/shape we can run them all at once for savings. Also, instock growlers and mason jars, all low priced and ready to ship promptly. Blank Growlers & Mason Jars. For more info contact Erin Marrujo EMarrujo@boelter.com

Brist MFG announced Friday, March 24 the launch of We Got This America, a new initiative to support small businesses while spreading positivity to the nation. We Got This America invites independent businesses to sign up as an affiliate partner to get a unique link used to share the movement to their communities. Every sale that comes to the site through their unique link will send 50% of the sale (that’s $10 per shirt) back to the referring business. There’s no cost at all to the business. Sign up for your unique link here. For more info contact: Katie Doyle katie.d@bristmfg.com

ClearWater Gear We have the unique ability to decrease our production times and increase our inventory during this pandemic, focusing on shipping growlers and bottles to our customers at blazing speeds.  We know that many have switched their model to Beer-to-Go sales and we’ve taken the necessary steps to prepare for the influx of growler sales so that YOU don’t have to wait. For more info contact: Josh Delucchi josh@clearwatergear.com

Grandstand is operational during this time and has a healthy stock of growlers and other to-go vessels. Thru the month of April, we are also offering a 10% discount on the items included in the link: https://egrandstand.com/bottles-available-now/  The growlers can be shipped blank or branded. For more info contact Lauren Bova laurenb@egrandstand.com

3/1/2021 update: Maverick Label: Join our Craft Beer Label Program! Example pricing provided (mixed lots ok!). Multiple sizes/templates available.  Contact Tari Gordon tari.g@mavericklabel.com for personal service and customized pricing.

MV Sport / The Game : Custom logo face masks start at just $3.50 each, including a full color imprint. More info here. Contact Gary Reed gary@garyreedsales.com 

CSA “Community Supported Agriculture” Box to include Craft Beer:

The Brewmaster’s Taproom is starting to do a CSA box and including beer in it: https://www.thebrewmasterstaproom.com/csa-boxes We’re still looking for breweries we can support by featuring in our box, so please reach out and see if there’s a way for us to get together on this. We’re planning on rolling this out to breweries that might be interested in the coming weeks. This way you can include your own packaged beer and help farmers in the region. For more info contact Marley Rall marley@thebrewmasterstaproom.com

Ingredient Sourcing:

AEB Biochemical continues to manufacture all of its products and although transportation issues and port delays have affected our ability to fill custom requests, our warehouse continues to ship stock orders daily. Among the products that AEB offers are cleaners and detergents, some of which are included on a recently released, expanded list of EPA-registered disinfectant products that have qualified for use against SARS-Co V-2, the novel Coronavirus that causes COVID-19. They are – QUAT SANITIZER II: E.P.A registered, no rinse quaternary based sanitizer, formulated to disinfect and deodorize pre-cleaned surfaces, including food contact surfaces. Designed for use in industrial areas like breweries and food processing plants, where disinfection, sanitation and deodorization is of prime importance. ONE STEP: Detergent / Disinfectant, is a phosphate-free formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorization and disinfection for breweries, labs, offices, homes and food service establishments in general. When used on environmental, inanimate, hard, non-porous surfaces at 2 ounces per gallon of water, exhibits effective virucidal activity. For more info contact Klaus Reich klaus@aebusa.com

BSG CraftBrewing BSG is offering boxes of Cascade and CTZ hops for those participating in ALL TOGETHER. The hops are first come, first served and are free of cost excluding shipping from Yakima, WA. Amount will be based on your batch size. Please contact your sales manager or customer service rep to inquire.

Crosby Hop FarmCovid-19 resources For more info contact Elizabeth Anderson Elizabeth.anderson@crosbyhops.com

At Skagit Valley Malting, we’re working hard to continue to support our customers large and small. If you are brewing beers that are supporting your community, making hand sanitizer, donating a portion to charity, or collaborating (from a safe distance) with another local company, reach out to your local sales rep to see if you qualify for Collaboration/Charity pricing. For more info contact Erik Youngren eyoungren@skagitvalleymalting.com

White Labs As a way to support our customers during the COVID-19 crisis, White Labs is hosting a weekly series of free live webcasts every Wednesday at 10 AM PST through the end of April. Each week will feature a relevant industry topic and provide a 30 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. Please join us and help us keep this vibrant community together during this challenging time. https://www.whitelabs.com/news/white-labs-wednesday-webcast-series For more information contact Katie Skow at kskow@whitelabs.com

Yakima Chief Hops will provide solutions to our brewery partners as we all navigate through arduous times. This is how we plan to mitigate hardships for the entire supply chain from farm to brewery:

  • We will continue to offer free shipping into the foreseeable future
  • We will be offering a one-time contract extension:
    • This will move the pay-and-take date of CY2019 hop contracts from August 31st, 2020 to December 1st, 2020.
    • This will defer storage and finance fees from accruing on CY2019 product until December 31st, 2020.
    • In essence, this gives brewers 3 additional months to pull and pay for CY2019 hops
  • In conjunction with this extension, rebalancing your contracts for 2020-2021 is crucial right now. This will help ease any long hops you may have in 2019 due to the COVID-19 slow down.

Please reach out to JT Wattenberg (Jeremy.Wattenberg@yakimachief.com) as you understand your individual situation. So, we can work together to make a solid plan and explore options.

Insurance & Financial Planning:

Bell-Anderson Agency, Inc. We offer cash flow alternatives and can work with you and your carrier on premiums solutions during these challenging times. Our primary goal with our medical insurance clients has been to help clients understand their options for staffing, furlough, sick leave, and provide updated information in a timely manner.  We have put together a full COVID-19 Resource Guide that is available upon request. For more info contact Josh Wright joshw@bell-anderson.com

Fortiphi Insurance Providing resources for potential claims and questions relating to COVID-19 or mandated shutdown. For more info contact Chris White chris.white@fortiphi.com

Legal Services:

BeerAttorney.com Drumm Law webinar: Beer in a Time of Disruption: Know Your Legal Options For more information contact Mike Drumm mike@beerattorney.com

Peterson Law, PLLC : Deferred payment option is available if you need legal work done right now, but are unable to pay at this time. Also, language written by Peterson Law to assist you with your purchase order here. For more info contact Bryn Peterson bryn.peterson@brynpetersonlaw.com

Stoel Rives LLP Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Hub For more info contact Stephanie Meier stephanie.meier@stoel.com


Hillebrand Keg Pros RELIEF OPPORTUNITY 1: Beverage Disposal – Unsaleable Beverage Disposal is Inevitable – Especially Now – article  Are you overwhelmed with all of the recovery decisions you need to make right now? Allow us to make it easier for you. EcoBev is a turnkey solution to help you remove and dispose of unsaleable product in trade and at your brewery. Learn more at EcoBev.com or contact b.pantoja@hillebrand.com

Hillebrand Keg Pros RELIEF OPPORTUNITY 2: Cashflow From Keg Buyout/Leaseback Programs – Does your brewery need cash quickly? We want to help. Through KegFleet’s buyout and leaseback programs, qualified breweries can re-capitalize their keg fleet. We can also evaluate your production forecast along with your distribution plans to let you know if your keg fleet is the right size. As an added bonus, our KegID tracking solution is included at no extra charge for your KegFleet kegs. Learn more at KegFleet.com or contact b.pantoja@hillebrand.com

Product Packaging:

Cask Global Canning Solutions – Cask has partnered with a joint venture in the US for direct access to cans in Shanghai. We can offer forecasted can supply throughout the year, as we continue working to support the craft industry. Cask’s partners have ensured rigorous product testing at national labs and secured the highest EU certifications. Supply overview:

  • MOQ: Brites – 1 sea container (1 container 12oz cans = 16 pallets); Printed – 300,000 cans
  • Liners: Epoxy or BPANI Liners Available – EU/Prop 65/FDA Certified
  • Product Types: Product specific liner specs/thickness
  • Can Sizes: 250mL SLK; 330mL SLK & STD; 355mL SLK/STD; 473mL STD
  • Shipping: Direct to Customer
  • Account Set-up: Directly with Cask’s in-house Cans Team
  • Lead Times: 8 weeks for Brites and re-orders of Printed SKUs
  • Artwork: 2 weeks for color separation and proofs

For more info contact Michael Schallinger michael.schallinger@cask.com

Craft Canning – 2020 has been quite the year for our brewing industry and Covid’s restrictions have changed the way we all do business. If you are considering transitioning to cans, need to increase production outputs, or need help emptying some tanks, consider partnering with Craft Canning + Bottling.  Founded in 2012, Craft brings years of canning and bottling experience in Oregon, Washington and Colorado to professionally package beer for clients. We are able to run 12oz, 16oz, and 19.2oz cans or 22oz and 500ml bottles and are diligently sourcing packaging for these formats. With the shortages in market, Craft has allocated all consumables to mobile canning in efforts to ensure supply for our mobile canning clients. Craft has added canning lines this year in all three regions to support the increased demand for packaging. Their lines are expanding their range further outside of Seattle, servicing clients in Bellingham, Yakima, Tri-Cities, Spokane, and other small cities. Due to demand in Eastern Oregon/Washington, Craft is anticipating opening a full time headquarters there in the coming months. Need your beer in cans or bottles this fall, winter or in 2021? Contracting a professional mobile canner who can package with top quality, provide QC equipment, and efficient canning equipment will allow your teams to focus on making high quality beers and growing your business. Connect with Craft Canning & Bottling https://craftcanning.com/contact-us/  or call 503-505-4285

G3 Enterprises, Inc  Amid ongoing concern about COVID-19, G3 Enterprises is committed to minimizing the supply shortage and health risk for the public, our employees and our customers. In order to serve the market, our production lines are running with strict safety and health policies in place, and we will continue to monitor this situation daily. We encourage customers to reach out to our sales and customer service teams if you have any specific questions in regards to your orders or demand planning during these challenging times.  For future supply planning, if you are in need of kegs, we are here to partner with you.  Petainer kegs are delivered clean, micro-biologically sterile and pre-purged with food-grade nitrogen – no washing needed, and no extra labor cost. For more info contact Sherri Schmidt Sherri.Schmidt@G3Enterprises.com

G4 Kegs is looking for new ways to serve the Washington craft beer community to ensure you’re well-positioned to resume normal operations whenever possible. G4 Kegs is offering free keg fleet maintenance consultations to help you capitalize on this downtime and learn how to get your fleet in top working shape. Now’s the time to finally do something about that pile of bad kegs in the corner. You can sign up for your personal consultation here. As part of the consultation, you’ll receive our Fleet Inspection Guide, as many calls/video chats/emails as it takes, and free return shipping on any spear repairs or replacements from our certified Micro Matic facility. For more info contact John McDaniel john@g4kegs.com

Vessel Packaging Co. Our production facilities are operating at capacity, working to ensure we can supply sleeved, labeled and blank cans to all of our customers. Our supply chain is solid, we are not seeing any delays in the supply of blank cans to our production facilities. We have access to ship out blank cans and supplies within 48 hours of order. Freight across the Canadian-US border has not been interrupted in either direction. We’ve been able to provide a modest price reduction for our US customers. We look forward to working with you to ensure your operations can respond to the current crisis. Please contact Evan Singer to discuss the possibility of coordinating orders in local areas to save on freight costs. evan.singer@vesselpackaging.com

Production Equipment & Service:

ABS Commercial – We understand that things are uncertain and strenuous for many of the small breweries not only in Washington but across the country. In an effort to do something positive in light of everything, ABS Commercial is giving away one of our ABS Keg Viking’s. No strings attached and we will pay for the shipping cost to get it to the winning brewery. If you would like to enter your name for a chance to win the keg washer, among other prizes, please follow the link below to our website and click on the link in the pop-up on the home page. Link: www.abs-commercial.com

After reading some of the heartbreaking messages from some of the entry forms, we want to do a little more to keep moral high…so, in addition to giving away an ABS Keg Viking, we will also be giving away ABS SWAG pack gifts each week leading up to the big giveaway. We will also be doing special giveaways on Friday’s to include yeast brinks and gift cards that can be used on our online store for small parts. We will make daily announcements of winners at 12 PM on our Facebook page and we will make the special giveaway announcements on our Facebook page on Friday’s at 12 PM as well. If you are chosen for one of the smaller prizes or one of the Friday prizes, you will still be in the running to win the Keg Viking on June 12th! We will make the announcement for the winner on June 12th, live on Facebook. Until then, we hope everyone stays safe and stays together because we are all in this together! For more info contact Alex Smith alex@abs-commercial.com

Precision Fermentation BrewMonitor can help breweries operate during COVID-19 by enabling brewing teams to track their fermentations’ progress remotely. It helps decrease person-to-person contact and allows a reduced staff to more easily manage an increased workload. Precision Fermentation offers a 30-day free trial and will be glad to extend free trials where it can help an organization continue operations through this difficult period. Register here: https://www.precisionfermentation.com/free-trial/ For more info contact Andy Morrison amorrison@precisionfermentation.com

Wild Goose Filling is here to help you weather this crisis. If you’re looking to pivot your product sales to carry-out cans or bottles, we have canning and bottling options available now to support you. EXPEDITED LEAD TIMES – We are accelerating our Evolution Series™ canning and Meheen™ bottling systems for to-go beverages. Take advantage of our fast lead times! READY-SHIP CANNING SYSTEMS [SHORTENED LEAD TIME] – Need to start canning ASAP? Our Ready-Ship program means our internationally best-selling Evolution Series canning lines are available on your schedule. The Evolution Series lets you start small now, then grow with your machine to meet future demand. GOSLING™ [NEW] – Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvn6NVcbnmY  Easily package small volumes from keg or tank and preserve your product shelf life with the Gosling canning system. WGC-50™ [SHORTENED LEAD TIME] – Want to fill a lot of different can sizes? The WGC-50 canning line makes packaging simple. FLEXIBLE FINANCING – Contact us to help plan the most affordable beverage-to-go approach for your business. We’ve introduced new financing options to support businesses with limited cash flow. INSTALLATION OPTIONS – While most Wild Goose systems traditionally require installation by a Wild Goose Technician, we can work with you on alternatives during this crisis to get you up and running quickly. Wild Goose Filling is driven by our customers, and we are here to support your needs. Our service and sales teams have remained available by phone and email across the world during the crisis. We look forward to having that in-person drink with our Flock when we get through this. For more info contact Mario Guerra, MGuerra@WildGooseFilling.com

Purchasing Cooperative:

Independent Brewers Alliance – We are currently offering to waive our 2020 dues for members that sign up before August 1st, 2020 in an effort to provide our savings programs to more brewers to help them rebound from the current crisis. Use our programs for the balance of the year at no cost. Decide if you want to continue membership in January of 2021 or revert to our Affiliate program that does not require dues.  For more info contact Matt Hopkins matt@brewersalliance.org

Quality, Health & Safety:

AFCO a Zep Company – COVID-19 Pandemic – Cleaning, Disinfection and Hygienic Protocols for the Food Industry. COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Training for the Food Industry. The Importance of Hand Washing Against COVID-19. For more info contact Kent Dowding kent.dowding@zep.com

Micro Matic Draft System Hibernation – Guidelines For more info contact: Jon Graber jonbgraber@micro-matic.com 

Safety Northwest, LLC – We are helping with Checklists of how to properly protect yourself and social distance as well as home office ergonomic webinars. For more info contact Nikki Haebler nikki@safetynorthwest.org

Taproom Equipment, Supplies & Service:

Performance Reps NW has the following solutions for breweries to help with Phase 2 reopening: DoughXpress Hygiene Shields (page 2 of flyer), Advance Tabco Hand Sanitizer Stand – SST-24, & Component Hardware hands free Faucets and mobile hand sinks. For more info contact Janel Rupp JanelR@prnw.com