2022 WA Craft Beer Industry Summit Presentation Resources

Improving Brewery Safety – You Already Have What You Need

Speakers: Matt Stinchfield, Brewers Association Safety Ambassador


2022 Summit DEIA

WBG DEIA Committee – Hiring Guide


Barley Past, Present, and Future Crop

Speakers: Adam Hieronymus, Country Malt Group


Profits and Social Justice: Yes, you can have both. 

Speakers: Julie Rhodes, Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions; Gay Gilmore, Optimism Brewing; Douglas Bailey, Columbia Distributing


WSLCB – Events, Permits and SOL’s

WSLCB – SO Catering Info Sheet

Speaker: Beth Lehman, Customer Service and Support Manager


Avoiding Legal Pitfalls When Building Brand Loyalty 

Speakers: Alexis Hartwell Gobeske, Dynamic Law Group; Marianna Smyth, Western Red Brewing


Industry INSIGHTS: Tracking Trends in U.S. Craft

Speakers: Christopher Shepard, Beer Marketer’s Insights


10 Steps of Successful Project Management

Speakers: Pulkit K. Agrawal, Beer30 by The 5th Ingredient


Till Death Do Us Pilsner- The Distribution Relationship 

Speakers: Mike Drumm, Attorney – BeerAttorney.com


Don’t Go Broke Building Your Business

Speaker: Stephanie Artino, Artino Business Advisors


Hiring and Retention through Culture, Inspiration, and Development

Speakers: Nikki Koth: GM Stoup Kenmore; Mike Mackley: GM Old Stove Brewing; Adam Lazowska: Taproom Manager Stoup Brewing


Knowing Your Brand Inside and Out: Understanding the differences in how your brand is communicated on shelves vs. in your taproom

Speakers: Oceania Eagan, Founder + Creative Director – Blindtiger Design; Jason Harper, Founder – Stemma Brewing Company; Andrew Pogue, Owner – Fair Isle Brewing; Dane Williams, Sales and Marketing Director – Iron Horse Brewery


Enhancing Thiol Biotransformation to Increase Tropical Flavors in Beer

Speakers: Laura Burns, Omega Yeast; Zach Turner, Single Hill Brewing


Employer Guide to Workers’ Rights and Upcoming Changes

Speakers: Luz Gonzalez-Virgen, Employment Standards Access Coordinator; Brenda Fay, Employment Standards Outreach Specialist


No Lift Brewery: Saving Money by Working Less: Stacey O’Connor, Headless Mumby Brewing

Moving Grain Without Breaking Your Back or The Bank: Dean Priebe, Icicle Brewing Company (retired)


Craft Better Beer: Utilizing Sensory Techniques in Your Brewery

Speakers: Tommy Yancone, Yakima Chief Hops, Tommy; Adam Butler, Icicle Brewing Company


Your Brewery Financial Toolkit – A Crash Course about Financial KPIs to Guide Your Brewery to Better Profitability

Speakers: Adam Robbings, Reuben’s Brews; Chris Farmand, Small Batch Standard: Premier Financial Agency Servicing Craft Beverage Industry